Montag, 26. Juli 2010

day 148

become your own florist
flowers simply make you happy.

Step 1

Strip all stems of excess foliage, leaving one or two leaves at the top, and lay them on a table.

Step 2

Gather a base of five or so sturdy stems, such as roses, in your hand, angling them so they form a spiral. Make sure any leaves face outward.

Step 3

Layer in more-delicate stems, always at an angle, threading them through the foliage. If you use rosebuds, leave room for them to open.

Step 4

Turn the bouquet frequently in your hand to make sure it's balanced. Push or pull on stems from the bottom to achieve the proper height for each.

Step 5

Bind with a rubber band, looping it around the stems tightly enough to hold the bouquet. Choose a vessel, and cut stems to fit.