Dienstag, 31. August 2010

day 183

its not where you take things from
its where you take them to.

jean luc godard

Montag, 30. August 2010

Samstag, 28. August 2010

day 181

a positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort.

Freitag, 27. August 2010

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Montag, 23. August 2010

Samstag, 21. August 2010

day 174

whatever you do, do it whole heartedly,
because half-heartedly already sounds
as if it's broke.

Freitag, 20. August 2010

day 173

become a bündner röteli-person.
you'll laugh more
you'll sleep faster

... and a cherry liquor never really hurt anyone, right?

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

day 172

find your vision.
one that is big enough to fill your life.
because if you have one
you dont care what others do.
you just focus and follow your own.

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

day 171

blissfull things to do in your life:
eat your schnitzel
surrounded by chagall, miro & picasso.

and tina turner
might even be there, too!

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

day 170

what is there not to love about food?
there is so much joy in the taste
the smell
the colour

its slowing down
and enjoying the whole process

food is joy for the belly

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

day 168

the most indispensible ingredient of all
good homecooking:
love for those you are cooking for.

sophia loren

Samstag, 14. August 2010

day 167

the way i see it,
if you want the rainbow
you gotta put up
with the rain

dolly parton

... or just make your own.

Freitag, 13. August 2010

day 166

"passionate work gets passionate response".

This is beyond true. When you can talk with passion about the work you do, or inject some fire into the process of making something, you will see how people respond. This does not apply to only craftspeople and artists, it applies to all of us. If you can tell a story with passion about what you're trying to accomplish, I can guarantee you will get a reaction. Sometimes it may not be the one you're looking for, but at least you will know what you say, do, or make creates a pulse in folks. And that goes a long way, whether making a blanket or discussing today's specials with some hungry patrons.

So whatever it is you do for work or fun or whatever makes your own pulse bounce like a jumping bean, fill it with passion. I have always been fascinated by personality traits of successful people, and here's what they all seem to have- the ability to take risks, the wherewithal to never quit, and the undying passion for what they're doing.

from the passionate & talented maven

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Montag, 9. August 2010

day 162

just because we take a picture
doesnt mean the moment will never be forgotten.
but it does a pretty good job at reminding us.

take a pic a day.

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

day 161

there is no problem that can not be solved with cake.
it's the answer to everything.

(my conviction)

Samstag, 7. August 2010

Freitag, 6. August 2010

day 159

leave a place in order to miss it.

sometimes we have to travel
to figure out
how beloved our starting point was

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

day 157

rule of bliss no 1:
champagne doesn't stain.

rule of bliss no 2:
champagne bell for everyone!
i found this one here.

Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

day 154


find a place on earth
that is a constant inspiration for you.
it will give you energy
and love
and joy.