Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

day 59


guard your heart.
but never ever lock it away.

Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Montag, 26. April 2010

Sonntag, 25. April 2010

day 56

if its written so big high up in the air,
and somebody even pays big bucks for this.
well, then it must be true.

Freitag, 23. April 2010

day 55

you gotta have a dream.
live for it.
work for it.

and make it come true!

my babies, my croissants!

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

day 54


find beauty where you least expect it.

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Montag, 19. April 2010

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Samstag, 17. April 2010

day 49

it's ok to miss your friends so much it makes you cry.
they are a piece of your heart after all.

Freitag, 16. April 2010

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Dienstag, 13. April 2010

day 45

rule of bliss:
you can not not buy flowers.


day 44

sooner or later you'll get what you want;
you just have to wish long and hard enough!

i was wishing for the recipe of the BEST EVA marinated beet sandwich from sullivan street bakery in nyc for at least 6 years. so that is a lot of hungry, sleepless nights wishing for a marinated beet sandwich.

Sonntag, 11. April 2010

Samstag, 10. April 2010

day 41

no matter how far away from home you are:
never forget where you come from.

Freitag, 9. April 2010

day 40

make them giftwrap your purchases...

... even if all you buy is pencils.

Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Sonntag, 4. April 2010

day 35

celebrate the bunny.
its an animal full of love...

... and then be one yourself.

Freitag, 2. April 2010

day 33

know your enemies.

and then line them up, starting with enemy number one on the right.

and then turn to something beautiful....