Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

day 10

celebrate the international day of the brownie.
even if it isn't.


you dont need anything else when you are serving a brownie.
a brownie has got it all, its small but full of flavour.
its sweet and the only thing that could make it any sweeter would be a kiss shared in between.

a brownie is for everything.
a box of brownies is the bestest peacemaker on the planet.
i have never seen people eating a brownie & starting a war.
you just have to laugh, cuz it's such a fun and happy little cake.
a brownie is a declaration of love.
because if you serve someone a really, really good brownie then you have to bake it with all your heart and soul -
put all your love into it and kiss it goodbye when you put it into the oven.
and you really only wanna share it with people you love.
you get all greedy because you dont want to share it with people who dont appreciate you or your little lovecake.
a brownie is comfort. because it smells like sugar and chocolate and cinnamon and makes you forget whatever it is your heart might be suffering from.

really. sometimes a brownie is such a good thing, it makes you cry.
and comforts you. just like that.

try this or that one